Black Primer
  • Our standard coating on all Genuine Hutch parts and units
  • High-performance, low VOC water reducible low gloss black
  • Compatible with most conventional top coats
  • Applied after a multi-stage wash/pretreatment process to ensure excellent adhesion to the base metal
Soft Coats
  • Ready for the road, no top coating required
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in the harsh transportation environment
  • Pliable but tack-free finish coating with “self-healing” characteristics
  • Low VOC
  • Available in black or gray
  • Performance test results available
  • Hot-Dipped Zinc coating applied to meet the requirements of ASTM A123
  • The proven performance of hot-dip galvanizing ensures an extremely durable and corrosion-resistant coating for optimum protection
Unpainted – Fully Assembled
  • Offered for those who use materials such as zinc rich primers or soft coats that perform best when applied directly to bare metal
Galvanized Prepped – Partially Assembled
  • Should you decide to have the galvanizing done yourself; Hutchens can provide many products partially assembled and ready for the Hot-Dipped Zinc process
  • We will provide technical support so you can finish the assemblies by installing rubber bushings, springs, etc., which cannot be galvanized
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